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Identifying Waste

After several years of working in the tissue industry, we noticed a significant amount of plastic waste in wrapping and production.

We decided to do something about it, and we developed an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable range of products.
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Solution Driven

Initially, we thought that bamboo products were eco-friendly & highly sustainable. However, the importation of bamboo from 6000 miles would negatively impact the final product and the environment.

We also didn’t want to take an existing product to unwrap it and place it in a box. Some others may do this and go to town on their marketing efforts. Nevertheless, to reduce the environmental impact, we commenced reviewing the initial manufacturing process.

The next idea we brainstormed was compostable wraps. We could quickly produce compostable rolls on the same machines that we already have. However, upon further research we found the compostable wrap must be in the right conditions to compost, not too wet, not too dry, not too hot or not too cold.
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Thinking Back Inside The Box

Cardboard boxes are fully recyclable, compostable, and reusable.

We started communications with various tissue manufacturers as we wanted larger, tighter wound rolls with smaller cores, and more rolls in the box. No matter how hard we tried, no one listened; they claimed it wasn’t viable and that the market doesn’t want it. We got every door shut in our faces.

However, during the lockdown, people noticed how staying at home was positively impacting the environment. With this new global outlook on the environment we were able to find a manufacturer willing to work with us, manufacturing rolls to our specifications with no overzealous printing, reducing pollution.

We have now reached the pinnacle of what we strive for, selling environmentally friendly products that are fully recyclable and have low carbon footprints. We introduce you to our Ecobox™ line of products.

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